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Weird Spankings #13: Robin Gives a Double Paddling

robin spanks two guys with two paddles

Robin shows he learned his lessons well from Batman. The artwork is probably by Alan Davis and Paul Neary. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/29/2010.

Generally speaking, cardiac resuscitators are used to save the lives of patients with serious heart conditions, but Robin has found a more important use for this one: giving an electified double-paddling to a couple of bad guys! Well, we're sure any patients in the Intensive Care Unit won't mind waiting their turn for this delicate piece of life-saving equipment while Robin takes it for a carefree joyride down a hospital corridor, although they may balk at having its paddles applied to their chests right after Robin has used them to fry somebody's butt.

It's also possible that this use of the equipment will burn it out and void the manufacturer's warranty, but perhaps those ICU patients (or their next of kin) won't mind too much.

This bit of medical malpractice is believed to have come from Detective Comics #569 (December 1986), although this is still unconfirmed. A M/M superhero electrified double-paddling - only from DC, we guarantee you.

batman papa spank

We weren't kiddding when we said Robin learned his lessons from Batman. He cried "Daddy Spank!" above as he applied the voltage ad posteriora; at left is the classic Batman threat, "Quiet or Papa spank!" - a panel which has proven to be a nuisance on innumerable internet searches for spanking comics where it constantly turns up instead of more interesting panels.

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