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Weird Spankings #19: Captain Marvel's Cactus Paddle

Captain Marvel heads west in Whiz Comics #103 (November 1948). Somewhat disturbingly, the first thing he does out there (as judged by the splash page) is apply a cactus paddle to Black Buzzard's backside. We didn't want to count this as a spanking, but we had no choice, and we suppose that strictly speaking Black Buzzard did have it coming to him. Still, we have to wonder if there shouldn't be a superheroes' code to prevent this sort of thing (and to make sure M/F spanking is allowed).

whiz comics #103 boys ranch

From Whiz Comics #103 (November 1948). Art by Pete Costanza. Published by Fawcett.

Here's the complete page, but it doesn't make things any better. The script is once again by Otto Binder, with art by Pete Costanza.

whiz comics #103 boys ranch splash page

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