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Weird Spankings #18: Captain Marvel Jr. Spanks Midgets

master comics #80 cover

Cover of Master Comics #80 (June 1947). Published by Fawcett.

We said a few things last time about the lamentable tendency toward midget-spanking in 1940's comics, a tendency which reached its nadir in Master Comics #80 (June 1947). For here we have not only Captain Marvel Jr. spanking midgets, which by now we should be able to take in stride, he also teaches the local giants how to spank the midgets, something that apparently they weren't able to figure out on their own. On the cover at left we see a giant hiding in fear behind Capt. Marvel Jr. from a couple of midgets.

Let's take a look at two pages from "The Land of Backwards" (pencils and inking by Bud Thompson; writer unknown).

Midgets bullying giants - what's a super-hero to do? "I have to convince those giants that there's no reason to be afraid of you midgets!" Of course, they're too small for him to punch around like a hero normally would, so there's only one thing for him to do:

master comics #80 with spanking

The giants laugh at the spectacle of midget-spanking (we can only cry ourselves), and CM Jr. encourages them to to take up the spanking hobby too: "That's right. Go ahead - see how easy it is?"

One of the giants thanks him: "You've taught us a new way of life!" [Midget-spanking - a way of life? Wow.]

The giants-spank-midgets panel is unusual not only in being the third of three consecutive spanking panels, it also features a rare quadruple-spanking! (We have documented only one other quadruple spanking in the Comics Spanking Data Base so far, although somehow we think we remember another one somewhere).

master comics #80 with spanking
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