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Weird Spankings #20: Captain Marvel Spanks Strip Characters

We've been featuring spankings from comic strips like Brenda Starr and Mary Worth for the past six months, but even so it was a surprise to find Captain Marvel spanking three somewhat-disguised strip characters from his day in Captain Marvel Adventures #22 (March 26, 1943). The plot of this story is somewhat strange, to say the least: comics characters, who are responsible for writing and drawing their own strips, decide to walk off the job. Capt. Marvel catches up with three of them who are causing trouble and declares, "All three of you have had this coming to you for a long time!" This is an odd remark, since they just went on strike that afternoon, but maybe it reflects Binder's feelings about them (Otto Binder is once again the writer of yet another Marvel Family spanking scene).

capt marvel spanks three comics characters

From Captain Marvel Adventures #22 (March 26, 1943). Artist uncertain but may be Pete Costanza. Published by Fawcett.

One comic character turning three others OTK certainly qualifies as a weird spanking in our view. "Polly" is supposed to be Little Orphan Annie - her "Jumpin' Gizzards" instead of "Leapin' Lizards" is a dead giveaway - while "Barry" may well be Terry (of Terry and the Pirates) what with his far east adventures as alluded to on an earlier page of this story. Barry is the last of the three to get spanked, and the only one we see OTK. He might be 18 (Terry was in the Air Force during the war), which is one reason we decided our "no children" policy doesn't apply here, another being that the other two spankings are not actually shown.

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