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Weird Spankings #25: Captain Marvel and the Bad Publisher

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We come now to the last installment in our current series of Weird Spankings, which thankfully is also the last of the Golden Age M/M scenes we feel obliged to post. We say "obliged" because while we haven't done more than document most of the G.A. M/M scenes in the Comics Spanking Data Base, when a superhero is involved it just seems that people have a right to see it. This one is from Whiz Comics #44 (July 1943).

The set-up appears to be that an unscrupulous publisher named "Trashum" tries to steal Captain Marvel's life story.   Right there this shows a surprising ignorance of the publishing world. Publishers don't need to steal - believe us, they get the writer's life blood cheaply enough. Anyway, Billy changes to Capt. Marvel who then gives Trashum the thrashing of his life! Here are the complete pages 16 and 17:

page 16 from whiz #44

Script by Otto Binder, art by C. C. Beck. Published by Fawcett. Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/01/2011.

page 17 from whiz #44
spanking panel from whiz #44

The pity of it is that if only this scene were M/F instead, it would be very satisfying. It's a vigorous spanking with the spankee sitting on a pillow afterward - so why couldn't Otto Binder have written it with a young woman instead of a balding, middle-aged man? Speaking of Binder, he probably scripted more spankings than any other writer, but that's a subject we'll have to take up another day.

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