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Women Outlaws #2 - Belle Starr Spanked!

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cover of women outlaws #2

A female desperado displaying an impressive pair (of six-guns) on the cover of Women Outlaws #2. Published by Fox. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/07/2011.

Some time ago, we lamented the fact there were no known spankings in the Golden Age comic book Women Outlaws (see the topic There's Only One Way to Punish Women Outlaws on the Forum). In fact, we now know that there was at least one spanking, from Women Outlaws #2 (September 1948), which we present here.

The cover is typically suggestive as would be expected from Fox, where Good Girl Art (GGA) found a comfortable home, and features a woman outlaw wearing a western-style shirt with a strangely plunging neckline. Pumping lead into some poor stagecoach guard, she's a very bad girl indeed! Unfortunately, she doesn't get spanked inside the book - but someone else does...

Our spankee-to-be is Belle Starr, who went bad, as bad people often do, for no external reason. "It was pure and simple selfishness, cloaked in a super-ego..." a splash page blurb informs us, and we see her desert a good home to take up the life of a highway robber. Watered-down Freud in a comic book was not that unusual during the mid-to-late Golden Age; in fact, EC's short-lived New Direction line actually featured a book titled Psychoanalysis.

splash page of belle starr from women outlaws #2

Running away, she encounters Jim Reed and eventually forms a gang with him. First, though, he figures she could use some taming, and takes her over his knee (while still riding his horse!) for a good spanking.

spanking page of belle starr from women outlaws #2

Bad language ("It's none of your @ # * !! business!") and striking Jim across the face with a riding crop earn Belle a spanking. Jim suggests she might get another, correctly surmising she needed more than one.

Unfortunately, the unknown artist created all kinds of problems for himself and the spanking panel leaves a lot to be desired. First, although Jim is shown taking Belle over his knee from right to left in the preceding panel, all of a sudden she's over from left to right! Second, the artist wanted to show a reasonably detailed view of Belle's face, but there was no way to do that while squeezing in Jim and his horse as well. So he reduced Belle's size by about 25% to fit her in to a 1/6 page sized panel, making her suddenly look tiny next to Jim even though she had been nearly as tall as he only one panel before!

Finally, he takes Jim's foot out of the stirrup and bends his leg back at an almost impossible angle, putting Belle over the horse instead of over Jim's lap! Why he did this is anyone's guess, but it may have been to lower Belle's upper body to leave room for the word balloons. What was needed was either a much longer shot or, preferably, a much larger panel. Of course, layout problems in the script-first method of comics production are at least as much the writer's fault as the artist's. If we were scripting a spanking, you can bet we'd specify at least a half-page for it!

The artist almost looks like Bruno Premiani on a bad day. There is no record of Premiani, an Italian citizen by birth, working at Fox, but he was in the U.S. at the time taking assignments at DC, the company with which he is most associated. If it is Premiani, we can't explain why the draftsmanship isn't up to his usual standards, or why the horses (which Premiani loved, even producing a whole book of equine illustrations) weren't better-drawn.

With several bad girls in each issue, we have to wonder if there might have been a second spanking somewhere in the five issues of Women Outlaws we haven't been able to examine, especially the last two about which very little is known. We'll keep looking.

spanking panel from women outlaws #2

We've heard of over-the-horse spankings before, but this is ridiculous.

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