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Fabio's Black Cat Spanked

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We've seen the Black Cat before, spanked by Sable and by Spider-Man with Doctor Cylon's enhancements, but since she makes such a great spankee it won't hurt (us) to see her again, this time in a setting created by Fabio, an artist we've also seen before on CSR (see Cheetara Chastised, among others). Fabio is a very fine Good Girl Artist, drawing absolutely gorgeous women with the best of them, and in particular endowing them with full, shapely behinds, which of course does not escape the watchful eye of Doc Cylon.

Even from the front, you can see how nicely shaped Black Cat's bottom is here, somewhat reddened by Doctor Cylon's hairbrush. BC's opinion is, "Doctor Cylon, you're a pain in the ass!" and we suppose that's right about where it hurts - heh heh! Great work by both men.

fabio's black cat as colored by doctor cylon

Original art by Fabio; colors and word balloon by Doctor Cylon. Black Cat is © Marvel Characters Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/22/2012.

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