Bill Ward Sorority Discipline Paddling

bill ward sorority spanking

Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/02/2010

Let's begin our Bill Ward Blowout with this 1957 piece set in a sorority house. We had already snagged it when Wolfie138 pointed out on the bulletin board that it was for sale on e-bay (for a typically exorbitant price). Wolfie reports that the 2 captions on bottom of page read, "Don't you know, freshmen don't date seniors!" -crossed out- & "How many times must I tell you, freshmen don't date seniors!" We had a printed copy in 1994 that as we remember it read "But why shouldn't freshmen date seniors?" (It was common for Humorama editors to rewrite the captions when they recycled cartoons from their old files.)

As it happens, we have read several credible reports of disciplinary paddlings (as opposed to the hazing-type) taking place in sororities, usually between Big Sis and Little Sis - in fact, we believe these are the only occasions on which the paddle is applied to the bare bottom. We hope that when they do take place, the girls are better positioned than the ones here. Although Ward drew more spanking humor cartoons than anyone else, he rarely got the positioning right, at least not by our exacting standards: the spankee is kicking one leg out and back, which will prevent the paddle from being applied evenly across both buttocks - and why is the spanker kneeling on the same chair that the spankee is bending over? The whole set-up is rickety and needlessly awkward. Still, this is Ward's only sorority-themed spanking that we can remember.

bill ward sorority spanking

Click to double-size. Scanned an posted by the Web-Ed on 05/20/2011

The version above is a scan of the original art. It was first published in the July, 1957 issue of Snappy. The version we have here is a scan from what was most likely its second printing in an unknown Humorama digest from the 1960's, one of the many spanking cartoons that Mike collected during this period. It is sufficiently high-resolution that we can see just how highly-polished Ward's work was at its best.

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