A Geo. Morrice Greeting Card Spanking

man spanks woman in greeting card co office

Art by George Morrice. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/18/2010

George Morrice was one of the lesser-known contributors to the Humorama digest line, but we've come across six of his cartoons recently, so let's have a series of them. First up is this charming spanking set in the offices of a greeting card company. The original caption has been lost, but it may have been something like "Greetings, Miss Plushbottom!"

Morrice was British (we found his address, plus we have his cartoon of a repentant wife presenting her husband with a cane), but we don't have any information about his spanking work that may have been published in England. Two question come to mind: (1) Were there any British publications like the Humorama line that featured occasional spanking cartoons? (2) How could Morrice have afforded the postage to send his art to the U.S. when Abe Goodman probably only paid him around $10 apiece for his work?

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