Homer F/F Composite Spanking

f/f composite spanking by homer

Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/15/2010

The fifth entry in our series on the work of Homer Provence is only partly his - this is a composite drawing based his figures done by another, unknown hand as the F/F pairing and bare bottom make clear. We haven't been able to locate the original figures, however, which makes us think there are some spanking cartoons of Homer that we haven't seen yet.

Because the bottom has been bared and (possibly) rounded (both improvements in our view), this could be the work of Funbun, but we can't confirm that. It retains Homer's characteristic OTK positioning, knees bent (which is o.k.) but no hip flexion (which would not be).

f/f weekly otk spanking by homer

Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/10/2011

06/10/2011 Update: It took eight months, but we found the original cartoon, and here it is. We can now see that the cartoon above was not actually a composite as we thought, but it has been reversed and otherwise altered. This is one of three known F/F efforts by Homer, who seems to approach F/F largely the same way he does M/F: attractive spankee who is a willing participant in her spanking. As usual, Homer draws slender figures with somewhat elongated lower limbs, and he does the OTK position very well as noted above.

This seems to be a maintenance-type spanking given to the spankee by a slightly older woman, a motif which will be repeated in our next entry. The room decor is somewhat unusual, with the picture of the naked woman on the wall (we can see more of the picture here than we could in the example above).

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