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Homer Spanks Marge #3

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homer simpson spanks marge bending over

Artist unknown. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/13/2013.

There's a lot of rather disturbing porno material out there involving The Simpsons, unquestionably the most successful animated series of all time, which we've had to wade through in order to get to the few good spanking pieces involving these characters. This is certainly one of them, and we wish we knew who the artist was. Homer gives Marge a few good smacks, then rubs her bottom, showing more consideration here than he often did on the show!

Technically, there's no OTK position here, but the way Marge is bending over on her knees and forearms certainly resembles OTK in effect. As long as Homer doesn't get tired of standing there, everything will be fine. We don't remember where we found this one - probably some cartoon porn site.

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