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#135 - Eyes Shut Spanking

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george morrice woman being spanked wants man to keep his eyes shut while spanking her

From Breezy (February 1957, Steve W's collection). Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/12/2013 (click to triple-size).

George Morrice often imitated the gags pioneered by the other members of The Big Six (Ward, Wenzel, DeCarlo, Stiles, and Homer), we believe because he was desperate to sell to Humorama editor Abe Goodman and chose to play it safe with the types of cartoons Goodman had already bought from others. But he was really at his best when he used his own gags that often have a distinctly British flavor to them. In this case, some sense of Victorian prudishness seems to be behind (so to speak) the spankee's insistence that her boyfriend keep his eyes closed while spanking her, even though the Victorian era had closed more than fifty years before this cartoon first appeared in the February, 1957 issue of Breezy. Wouldn't want him to get a good view of what he was spanking, after all.

Of course in reality, exposing the spankee's bare bottom is an important part of a disciplinary (or any other type) of spanking because it greatly increases her embarrassment, but as we have mentioned before, none of the classic Humorama "spankers" features a bare bottom even though Humorama could have gotten away with it by the late 50's. In fact, a small number of non-spanking cartoons did indeed reveal the occasional bare derriere, which leads immediately to the question of why none of The Big Six ever tried pushing this particular envelope. We can only surmise that either they had gotten so used to spanking over panties by then that it never occurred to them to go one step further, or else that a bare bottom was simply considered by Goodman to be too erotic in the context of a spanking cartoon. Baring the bottom would have worked particularly well in many of Morrice's cartoons, because his spankees are usually sincerely distressed at being spanked anyway.

Our spankee here seems more embarrassed at the thought her boyfriend might lift up her half-slip than worried about the pain to come. Let's hope he lays on the spanks with sufficient vigor that she forgets all about her modesty, which is what should happen as a spanking progresses.

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