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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#158 - Shrink Spank #7

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A couple of years ago we saw a cartoon, Triple Value Birthday Spanking, by an artist whose signature was illegible. We called him "J Falks," and since we couldn't even recall seeing any other non-spanking cartoons by him in the various Humorama digests, the last thing we would ever have expected was to find another "spanker" by the guy. Nonetheless, in the January 1963 issue of Humorama's flagship publication Humorama, that's what we found. (Although we don't know for sure yet, we believe this is the cartoon's second appearance since Humorama started using mainly reprint material beginning around 1961).

cover of january 1963 issue of humorama

Humorama (January 1963, click to double-size).

patient spanks female psychiatrist

From Humorama (January 1963). Posted by the Web-Ed on 03/13/2015 (click to double-size).

This time, a female psychiatrist is asking her patient, "How long have you had this obsession to spank people, Mr. Johnson?" as he is turning her over his knee and doing (or about to do) just that. This situation might strike a chord of memory with long-time CSR readers, and we have seen a similar gag before - but it wasn't in a Humorama cartoon. It was in a cartoon done many years ago by CSR Resident Artist Dan Rivera, which we christened Shrink Spank.

patient spanks female psychiatrist

© Dan Rivera.

Now of course Dan had never seen this cartoon - it was simply too obscure - and independently come up with the same basic gag. In fact he did it better than "J Falks" did - his OTK positioning is much more secure and turns the spankee's bottom up more, his spanker is using the correct hand, and the term "compulsion" is more accurate than "obsession," although some spankers can certainly seem obsessive at times!

Decent effort by "J Falks" though and we're glad to have discovered it. Because he did so few cartoons it's possible we'll never see any of them up for auction, which is the only way his identity is ever likely to become known. If we do find out, we won't keep it a secret.

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