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Chicago Spanking Review Special Presentation

2011 - A Year of Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#18 - Secretary Spanking #20, by Bill Ward

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humorama bill ward f/f wife spanking husband's secretary

Click on the image to double-size. Scanned from Mike's collection and posted by the Web-Ed on 04/22/2011.

Secretary's Day kind of snuck up on us this year, and we didn't have the chance to plan any kind of special celebration. Still, what better way could there be to show our appreciation for all the hard work that these administrative professionals do than to bend them over and smack them on the fanny? At least, that seems to be the Bill Ward approach, seen here in another CSR exclusive from Mike's collection.

This one is unique among secretary spanking cartoons in that the spanking is given not by a lecherous boss but by a jealous wife. Trust Ward to come up with a situation like this, since he did more with F/F spanking situations than the other members of The Big Five (Wenzel, DeCarlo, Stiles, and Homer). His standard touches are on display here: elegant women clad in tight satin dresses (with fur stole) and slightly exaggerated anatomy (to become greatly exaggerated as time went on).

Ward does seem to have a little problem with the perspective here, probably because spanking cartoons usually employ a lateral or three-quarter view of the participants, and the rear-view, as nice an idea as it is, was something neither Ward or any other of the five had attempted before (as far as we know). The spankee's bottom has an odd appearance, as do the foreshortened lower legs. Interestingly, Ward did not neglect to provide the spanking wife with a full, spankable bottom of her own.

While the publication date for this version is unknown, we do know the cartoon originally appeared in the December 1957 issue of Breezy.

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