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Chicago Spanking Review Special Presentation

2011 - A Year of Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#38 - George Morrice Cop Spanking

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humorama george morrice counsellor spanking

Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/22/2011.

After having done a George Morrice mini-series about a year ago, we were fortunate recently to discover several more of his spanking cartoons, most of which we believe came from the collection of Jeff Patton. Last time we mentioned that Morrice shares Kirk Stiles' trait of sometimes drawing lingerie that falls in between a full slip and cami-knickers, probably because Morrice would have preferred a completely bare bottom, and you can see that again here where the spankee is wearing what seems to be a very short slip without knickers. A bending-over position is used, but with the bare hand instead of the cane or birch (more on this below).

Dan DeCarlo appears to have originated the cop-spanks-female-lawbreaker routine, using it at least twice, and Morrice tries a British version here, but the caption (probably by Abe Goodman) makes the joke completely unclear - is it the cop or the spankee who's speaking? If it's the spankee (as seems more likely), she would at first seem to have a point, but as it happens, the police on the Isle of Man (a Crown Dependency) did "take the law into their own hands," administering corporal punishment in the form of birching (alas, only to young male offenders) for thirty years after the U.K. abolished CP in 1948. Actually, even there it wasn't quite a summary punishment, since the birching would normally take place immediately after a court hearing (but without the right of appeal, be it noted).

If CSR had been in existence then, we would have protested this discriminatory treatment - and demanded a different discriminatory treatment, in which only female offenders over the age of 18 would be subject to this form of punishment! An interesting fact about birching for those who have never seen one is that the birch is invariably applied to the bare buttocks, making it especially embarrassing (and therefore effective) with female offenders.

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