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Chicago Spanking Review Special Presentation

2011 - A Year of Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#41 - Morrice Milk Man Spanks Wife

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humorama george morrice milk man spanking

Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/29/2011.

This one's going to require some explaining for readers under thirty, or maybe even forty. Milk used to be delivered in the morning by milk men who left bottles of milk (seen here on the floor just in front of the wife - and they also took away any empties!). An ice man goes even further back - when refrigeration was in its infancy and an "ice box" was just that - an insulated box in which a block of ice was placed to keep perishable food items cold. Many, many jokes and sketches from Vaudeville to Monty Python's Flying Circus revolve around the idea of a wife having an affair with the milkman.

In this George Morrice cartoon we a see a milk man explaining to a husband that he's spanking the man's wife for flirting with the ice man. Morrice then is giving us a wrinkle on the old joke: the wife is being unfaithful with the wrong man (or being unfaithful to him, the milk man)! Morrice is at least trying to be innovative, and in this case as with the previous entry, Maid Spanks Miss, we think he succeeded, although his humor often has a distinctly British coloring that may seem a little strange to American readers, especially modern ones.

Decent OTK positioning, although Morrice relaxed just a little too soon as he was drawing the spankee's lower legs, and again we see his unconventional cami-knickers.

humorama george morrice milk man spanking

From Dan Rivera's personal collection, as cleaned up by Dan. Click to increase in size.

By an amazing coincidence, mere days after this page had first been coded, Dan Rivera dug up his own copy of the cartoon, cleaned up some of the reproductive imperfections, and posted it on the CSR Forums under the title New(?) Toons to Ponder. Just as we did above, Dan explained what "Ice Men" and "Milk Men" were. He then went on to observe:

"Imagine! A milkman gets caught red-handed (so to speak) by the husband, who has come home unexpectedly, while the milkman is spanking the guy's wife. Looks consensual. The milkman, a fast thinker who no doubt has encountered this situation before, tells hubby: 'I caught your wife flirting with the ice man!'"
"Oh ho ho. So that gives the milkman the right to spank his customer's wife? Not likely. And I like the look on the wife's face. Morrice was not one for a lot of detail, but his spare drawings conveyed a lot of meaning when he meant them to. She is thinking: Oh no. Now my husband is going to spank me too. And this time, it WON'T be consensual!"

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