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Chicago Spanking Review Special Presentation

2011 - A Year of Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#45 - George Morrice Contractual Spanking

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humorama george morrice contractual spanking

From Web-Ed's collection, posted on 09/02/2011. Click to double-size.

The March, 1956 issue of Comedy proved to be a spanking bonanza when we got ahold of it recently - it contained not one, not two, but three spanking cartoons of George Morrice! (Many of the old Humorama digests had none or only one). Could it have been that the newly-introduced innovation of the "spanker" (we think the first one was in July 1955) was proving popular with Humorama's readers? We guess we'll never know for sure since Abe Goodman, unlike Stan Lee, never wrote any books about his experiences as an editor for the Timely/Atlas/Marvel publishing empire, but it seems likely since Goodman bought so many "spankers" over the next few years.

Here a young actress (or singer, or model - it doesn't matter which) finds out that the contract she signed contains a spanking clause! We'll forgo naming any present-day female celebrities who should have such a clause in their contracts because it's just too easy, but what a delightful conceit! She should have read the contract more carefully before signing it (of course, when the production company is named "Smako Productions" you have to expect a few spankings). Perhaps this will help her remember that in the future.

Strange OTK positioning from Morrice, with one of Miss Lapeppe's legs much forward of the other. This hip flexion pulls the buttocks out of alignment and we regard it as a rather serious flaw, having previously complained about the numerous occasions when Bill Ward did the same thing. Still, Morrice deserves credit for the original idea of a contractual spanking.

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