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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#72 - Kirk Stiles Secretary-Wife Spanking

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Everyone (by which we mean everyone around here) likes cartoons with Secretary Spanking and Wife Spanking, so why not combine these two popular forms into one? That's what Kirk Stiles did here by having a former secretary spanked by her former boss, who's now her husband! We have three versions for you: at left is a pretty good photostat which may be from the 1967 reprint in Gee-Whiz (it is known the same caption was re-used); at center is our personal copy from the cartoon's first appearance in Breezy (October 1958); at right is a scan of the original art which tells us a lot about how captions were done at Humorama.

All the original art we've seen has the caption pencilled in by the artist using block letters. The editor, Abe Goodman, then made any changes he wished using the traditional blue pencil. In this case, Stiles' original caption read "When you were my secretary I docked you for being late, now that you're my wife we'll overlook that practice!". Goodman then changed the second clause to "I can take you to task", and it is this wording that was used with the cartoon's first two appearances. We do not know if it was ever reprinted after that. Goodman was right, by the way - the gag did need punching up a little, and it's not bad, although the wife must be the only secretary who wasn't spanked in the history of Humorama! We must say the husband looks happier about the new arrangement than the wife does.

Good but not great OTK positioning from Stiles, who unfortunately committed the common error of spanking with the wrong hand. Let's point out some of the other characteristics of the style of Stiles:

  1. The woman's face has fine features with a square profile (as opposed to Wenzel's semi-circular facial profiles).
  2. She wears what appear to be cami-knickers, more popular with Humorama artists than panties. Sometimes Stiles seems to have trouble drawing these drawers correctly, as we'll see later on in this series.
  3. She has tiny feet!
  4. She has a full bosom with natural-looking breasts. Stiles definitely favors a full bosom but usually avoids Bill Ward-type excesses.
  5. Generally good draftsmanship with a nice ink wash.

stiles secretary wife spanking stiles secretary wife spanking stiles secretary wife spanking original art

Photostat of unknown source, possibly the February 1967 issue of Gee-Whiz. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/20/2012. (Click to double-size).

From the October 1958 issue of Breezy (Web-Ed's personal collection). Click to double-size.

Original art discovered at auction site by Ripley at SpankingPanels. Click to triple-size.

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