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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#77 - Tropical Island Spanking

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stiles tropical island spanking

Art by Kirk Stiles, from Zip (July 1966, Web-Ed's collection). Scanned and posted by the Web-Ed on 02/24/2012 (click to double-size).

Continuing with our Kirk Stiles mini-series we arrive at a tropical destination. Now, the desert island was one of the great staples of the men's humor mag, and not just at Humorama. The reason of course was that the cartoonist could base his sex gags around the fact that the woman couldn't escape the island, or that the man didn't want to escape since a beautiful girl was stranded on the island with him. It's a spanking-variation on the latter we have here, in fact the only one we can think of, where the OTK treatment is to remind the spankee not to try and flag down any more passing ships.

It's a pretty funny gag, and although the OTK positioning is a little awkward because the spankee isn't straight across the spanker's lap, Stiles makes up for it in other ways. This is a masterful composition, the setting suggested ably with just a few pen strokes and some nice little touches like the starfish and the spanker's feet in the water. Stiles most often shows the spanking from the spankee's side, but in this case we have a nice rear view (in a double sense). Speaking of which, the buttocks here are nicely-proportioned and make a nice, tempting target. Nor are we troubled by the strange lingerie in which Stiles sometimes clothed his spankees since a tattered dress is the only clothing he provides here. Finally, note the strap slipping down the shoulder, a bit of suggestiveness that Stiles often employed.

Stiles used a wide variety of expressions on his spankees, from smiles to dismay to tears. This is also one of the many times that the spankee seems strangely indifferent to her fate. Is she resigned to the seat warming to come, or is she inwardly scared and just putting up a bold front?

This cartoon appeared at least twice, first in the February 1958 Joker and then in the July 1966 Zip.

joker february 1958 cover

Cover of Joker (February 1958).

stiles tropical island spanking

From Joker (February 1958) (click to double-size).

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