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humorama spanking cartoon pastiche man spanks wife and mistress

Created by Tim. Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/12/2013

Michael has sent us eleven cartoons by Tim which we're going to see in series beginning with this one. They are each a pastiche of Humorama digest covers or splash pages, featuring a spanking cartoon and with names and gags similar to those which were actually used. The first of these, Joxe, with a wife and mistress double-spanking, is probably the least like an actual Humorama "spanker" in its gag and in suggesting no particular artist, but this was a very early effort of Tim's (later revised into the version seen here) and he does provide good OTK positioning and well-defined bottoms. As we'll see, his later ones are more reminiscent in character of actual Humorama material.

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