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LAFF! created by Tim. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/05/2013

Tim's sixth Humorama pastiche resembles the "cop spanks lawbreaker"-type cartoons we've seen from Bill Wenzel and most especially, Dan DeCarlo. In this case, a strict librarian has taken the place of the beat cop, but the punishment is the same: an OTK spanking! Good creative use of a stack of books to bend the knee the spankee is being turned over, and of The Taming of the Shrew as the implement. Very likely this library patron will think twice before keeping another book overdue.

As we've seen in this gallery, the Humorama cartoonists used a variety of spanking situations, and women from most walks of life were given their opportunity to be turned over someone's knee or bent over his desk. With the exception of a few nurses, however, the technical/professional class was not well represented. We think Bill Wenzel and the rest really missed a bet, because women in positions of power and authority make such satisfying spankees. It may have been that they would have been too satisfying, that is, too erotic without being humorous enough, for humor and eroticism are always somewhat at odds with one another. We will return to this point in a future essay, Humorama: An Afterword.

So there never was a Humorama cartoon with a female librarian getting spanked, for example for making too much noise herself after quieting everyone else down. In fact, we don't recall seeing one to the present day, although the subject has appeared in spanking fiction. The librarian as spanker is another possibility that has been under-utilized. Tim is one of the few to see the potential, but he's not the first: some years ago Wolfie did a piece called Overdue in which Tiffany receives the tawse on her beautiful round bare bottom after returning a book late for the sixth time!

Once more we express our gratitude to Tim for drawing this and to Michael for sending it to us.

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