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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

Rivals of Humorama

#18 - Secretary Spanking #A4

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boss spanks secretary by louis priscilla

From the collection of Murray (click to increase in size).

This one is of interest for several reasons: it features fine OTK positioning combined with a terrible gag, it's not Humorama, and it was done by another familiar artist who worked for Humorama but for unknown reasons did no "spankers" there. It was sent to us by Murray several years ago and we are very grateful to him for doing so because this is an excellent addition to our Rivals of Humorama series.

No mystery about the identity of the artist since his name is printed at the top of the page and signed at the bottom: Louis Priscilla, a long-time contributor to various humor magazines including the Humorama digests. He seems to be largely forgotten today, although his original art still turns up on auction sites now and again. He was obviously a good draftsman, and we would guess he was more influenced by classical illustrators than the newspaper and magazine artists who came before him although we can't trace any particular characteristic to a specific illustrator. He not only draws the human figure and clothing reasonably well (in a realistic style, for this observation would not apply to a more "cartoony" style), here he also gives us very attractive OTK positioning. We wish we knew more about his technique; this does not seem an example of the ink-wash used so effectively by DeCarlo, Stiles, and Wenzel at Humorama, nor does it look like charcoal, and we can't help wondering if Priscilla could have used chalk or perhaps the conte crayon (which could be classified as a chalk and which was used with such great skill and effect by Bill Ward).

Fine drawing though this cartoon is, its caption stinks! "If I've done something, Mr. Carp - just fire me." There is no humor in it at all - it could have been written thirty years later by some sour feminist type. It makes the point that we don't spank secretaries for being late or bad spelling - and in the real world, that's generally true. But the real world isn't very funny, which is why much humor is based on exaggeration or caricature. The secretary's unwillingness to be spanked undercuts any eroticism, also. Compare this cartoon to any of the Humorama secretary spankings - whatever the precise mood, the secretary doesn't protest about being turned OTK, and we're left with the distinct impression that getting spanked is just an acceptable part of the job.

That printing and the typography of the caption tells us it couldn't have come from a Humorama publication and in fact that it must have come from an issue of Cartoon Humor (see below).

louis priscilla cartoon from first issue of cartoon humor magazine

A Priscilla cartoon from the very first issue of Cartoon Humor.

Here's another Priscilla cartoon since he's not a very familiar artist to most CSR readers. This one is believed to be from Cartoon Humor #1.

the cover of the spring 1950 issue of cartoon humor magazine

Cartoon Humor (Spring 1950). Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/28/2016 (click to increase in size).

Although we have been unable to identify the exact issue, there is no question the cartoon came from Cartoon Humor - the artists' cartoons were grouped together within the issue and their names printed at the top of each of their pages. Here we see the cover of the Spring 1950 issue. Art by Earle Bergey (click to double-size).

As we would expect from a 1950 magazine, the art still has a very 1940's-style look to it, reminiscent of Peter Driben's many covers for the Robert E. Harrison publications. Note the two familiar names around that of Priscilla, (Jefferson) Machamer and (Reamer) Keller, both long-time contributors to Humorama. (Keller did one spanking cartoon for Humorama and another for an unknown publication we saw as part of this series.)

At the present time there are no other spanking cartoons known to be from this publication, although it is of course possible that the 2nd Keller cartoon was published here.

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