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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

Rivals of Humorama

#17 - Secretary Spanking #A3

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Our next example should look a little familiar: CSR Resident Artist Dan Rivera posted it four years ago under the New(?) Toons to Ponder topic on the CSR Bulletin Board. At the time, we mentioned that we had just discovered where it came from and that we expected to post it the following year. Things being what they are, we're just getting around to it now! Before we get to the publication details, let us repeat our observation at the time that artist Harry Jones had swiped the spanked secretary from Bill Wenzel's first secretary spanking:

harry jones cartoon miss cooley secretary spanking from dan rivera

Harry Jones' secretary/birthday spanking. From the collection of Dan Rivera (click to double-size).

bill wenzel secretary spanking - humorama's first real otk spanking cartoon

Bill Wenzel's first secretary spanking (and Humorama's first known OTK spanking as well), the obvious model for the Jones cartoon. From the July 1955 issue of Comedy (click to go to its page).

Jones changed the office arrangement and created his own spanker-boss character, but the secretary-spankee is almost identical to Wenzel's - so much so that her face is rendered in a jarringly different style than the boss's. Her position is very similar also, and even the bracelets on her wrists look the same. Rather ironically, Jones makes the same compositional error Wenzel was to make many times in the future but did not make here, namely having the spanker use the wrong hand. Jones also changes the gag so that the secretary's birthday and not her bad spelling is used as the excuse to spank her.

Now let's take a look at a modern scan of this cartoon from its original source:

harry jones cartoon miss cooley secretary spanking

Harry Jones' secretary/birthday spanking. From TV Girls and Gags (January 1956). Notice that unlike Humorama, a single accent color (red) is available here. (With the Humorama digests, the accent color was available only on the front and rear covers).

cover of tv girls and gags from january 1956

The spanking-good cover of TV Girls and Gags (January 1956). Scanned and posted by the Web-Ed on 10/21/2016 (click to double-size).

Our "Rival of Humorama" this time is TV Girls and Gags, which we introduced in the 15th entry in this series, Shrink Spank #8. This is actually the first of the two M/F spanking cartoons, dating from 1956, and the only one known at the present time that also appeared on the front cover (as the Wenzel cartoon had 6 months earlier). Coincidence? We don't think so - Humorama must have been very successful at this point and no doubt Enterprise Magazine Management, the publisher of TV Girls and Gags listed in the indicia (there were several over the years), wished to emulate that success. Not that all of Humorama's success was due to its spanking cartoons, but they surely helped. But perhaps the editors simply had no taste for the "spankers" (in contrast to Abe Goodman at Humorama, who was obviously enthusiastic about them) which would explain why they didn't try running one every issue.

As we pointed out, Harry Jones swiped the secretary spanking (and the secretary!) from Bill Wenzel. Jones was an adequate artist who made the rounds and even sold a few cartoons to Humorama, but he couldn't match Wenzel's technique or ability to devise a gag. Nor did TV Girls and Gags ever feature the ink-wash technique that did so much for Humorama in the hands of Wenzel, Dan DeCarlo, and Kirk Stiles. It did function well-enough as a somewhat lower-grade Humorama, providing us with two decent if unspectacular M/F spanking cartoons for which we are properly grateful. And while it will never be a major source of such cartoons,we'll keep searching to see if a third one is still lurking out there among the at least eight issues we have so far been unable to find.

harry jones cartoon miss cooley secretary spanking as modified by hugob00m

As modified by Hugob00m. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/11/2016 (click to double-size).

CSR Resident Artist HugoB00m decided to make a couple of fixes to Jones' cartoon. First, he has the spanker now using the correct hand (his left) given the spankee's position. Second, the boss is now raising her dress, which was the common practice of most of the Humorama "Big Six" except, ironically, for Bill Wenzel, whom Jones of course copied. Thanks, B00m!

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