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"And remember: don't rely on parents. You can live with us, but it it will be your husband's duty to spank you." Art by Neprakta. Originally appeared in the Czech humor magazine Dikobraz, date unknown. From the collection of Tiptopper, translation by Michal Valášek. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/25/2013.

In first viewing the third of six cartoons by the Czech cartoonist Neprakta, we were rather confused by the scene, thinking the spanker and spankee were a young couple either married or engaged, and the onlooker was a friend or sister. Only days before we went to press, Michal from the Czech Republic came to the rescue with translations of all six cartoons. With this one in hand, we can see that in fact the "onlooker" is the spankee's mother, explaining to her daughter that it will now be her husband's job to spank her even if they are living in the parents' house.

The spankee's skinny legs and somewhat akward positioning make the erotic value of this cartoon virtually nil, and it's inescapable that despite Neprakta's obvious skill as a cartoonist (he's quite famous as we'll learn next time) the relative severity of the spanking undercuts the gag somewhat, just as it did in the previous two efforts. We would have guessed from that alone that the artist did not have the same kind of interest in spanking that we actual spankos do, and in fact Michal has some further thoughts along those lines that we'll get into next time.

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