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We come now to the fourth of six cartoons by the Czech cartoonist Neprakta. Michal from the Czech Republic kindly translated the caption for us, so we know a neighbor is complaining about the noise when a father canes his daughter for coming in past midnight. This is a pretty good joke, utilizing the same rationale for a spanking we've seen in Bill Ward's One Spank for Every Minute and George Morrice's Butler Spanks Mistress of the House, but actually based on a gag sometimes used by non-spanking cartoonists: an unlikely source of noise evinces a complaint from a neighbor. (See an example from Erich Sokol below right). Despite being reproduced from the original magazine page on what appears to be a photocopy machine, Neprakta's skill as a caricaturist is once again evident, and perhaps because we can't see the stripes left by the cane, we don't really think about the possible severity of the caning.

neprakta father/daughter spanking cartoon czech Dikobraz

"Neighbour, feel free to thrash the girl as you like, if she came at midnight - but couldn't you turn her volume down a bit?" Art by Neprakta. Originally appeared in the Czech humor magazine Dikobraz, date unknown. From the collection of Tiptopper, translation by Michal Valášek. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/08/2013.

erich sokol cartoon partygoer complains about noise from couple's bedroom

"I came up to complain about the noise!" Art by Erich Sokol. © Playboy.

Michal was good enough to share some information about this famous cartoonist:

"Neprakta is pseudonym of Czech caricaturist Jiří Winter [Jiri Winter] (1924-2011), who cooperated with Bedřich Kopecný [Bedrich Kopecny] and later with Miroslav Švandrlík [Svandrlik]. He's probably the most popular cartoonist in Czech Republic of all times and also holder of Guiness world record for drawing more than 35 000 of cartoons and illustrations through his life.

His drawings often included naked men and women and also spankings in various historical and contemporary settings. He's well known and loved legend in Czech spanking and BDSM community, because for most of us (yours truly included), his works were the first (and often only) depictions of spanking we saw during the Communist rule in Czechoslovakia.

In his biography and other sources he was asked, if he finds spanking somewhat erotically appealing. He explicitly denies it and states that he did not ever spanked anyone in erotic context, but also adds: 'What I like on Victorian times is the strict upbringing of youth and adult alike. It was forbidden to even just talk about naked human body. But if someone young causes some trouble, they whipped his bare behind. It was unacceptable to show naked body during lovemaking, but in spanking it was just fine.' [in Průšvihy firmy Neprakta (Troubles of the Neprakta firm), ed. Oskar, 1997, ISBN 80-86155-03-X]"

Next time we'll have some further observations from Michal.

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