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neprakta parody spanking cartoon by tim

Art by Tim. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/13/2013.

While the recent Neprakta Series was running, Michael sent us this parody from Tim, so let's take a look at it now. As in his other parodies, Tim takes the difficult approach of imitating another artist's style without duplicating his actual technique, thus the characters resemble Neprakta's caricatures with skinny legs and long noses but without the heavy line of the originals. Neprakta's composition, though, has been largely preserved with the use of the cane, the bending over a chair position (Tim does this part better), and the spanker's jacket.

Now a word in defense of Czech culture, to the extent it involves corporal punishment. The canings in Neprakta's work and Tim's pastiche here may seem a little severe, but not more so than we would probably find in the rest of Eastern Europe, or in Great Britain until relatively recent times, and less so than in Asia - think of Singapore, most Muslim countries, even China throughout much of its history. For that matter, the use of the paddle in the U.S. was quite severe in the days of slavery, and even with children at home or school it has sometimes been excessive up to the present date, or nearly so.

Neprakta, we will repeat, seems to have been fascinated by the ritualistic aspects of spanking, especially the baring of the bottom, and it would be unjust to fault him for this since we believe many of us spankos experienced much the same sort of fascination ourselves but at a much earlier and more impressionable age, hence the transformative effect.

Thanks to Tim for drawing this and to Michael for taking the time to send it to us.

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