doctor spanks nurse smiley

Many of us have fantasized about spanking a nurse at one time or another - there's something very appealing about the thought of subjecting a nurse in her prim white uniform to the indignity of being taken over the knee and spanked! This cartoon, obviously the work of Dan DeCarlo although it lacks his signature, is the only one we can think of that depicts a doctor spanking a nurse. What breach of medical protocol she may have committed is not clear, but it's a fun cartoon nonetheless. We also like the doctor's headband and old-fashioned tunic, as well as the nurse's old-style lingerie, which help date this cartoon back to the 1950's.

The blurred insignia in the upper right-hand corner is that of "Red Palm," an organization about which we were unable to learn much. (See the "Batgirl Spanks Robin" page in the Comics Section for what little information we have).

So, do nurses get spanked in real life? You bet they do! In fact, we would like to dedicate this page to real-life Nurse P., who's going to get a real live spanking from us the next time we see her!

04/06/2012 Update: We later discovered a second nurse spanking by DeCarlo.

doctor spanks nurse smiley

06/01/2012 Update: While we still don't have a primary source (original art or printed version in one of the Humorama digests) for this cartoon, we did find another photostatic copy with a different caption. This time it's another "cold hands" gag - if we had to hazard a guess, we'd say this was the second caption and that it came long after the other cold hand nurse spanking (see link above). The "Red Palm" insignia is gone, which is fine with us since it wasn't part of the cartoon originally, and DeCarlo's "DSD" signature appears, although it may be a facsimile.

Because we think this isn't the original gag, and because we know that DeCarlo stopped writing his own for Humorama after a certain point, we doubt he had anything to do with it, but the OTK positioning is as usual very good in the sense that the spankee's bottom is nicely turned up on display for our approval. The nurse's expression of dismay contributes to the fun, also.

03/08/2013 Update: We found what appears to be the source for the photostatic copy above: the February, 1970 issue of Popular Jokes (below left). This would very likely have been the cartoon's third appearance, but the earlier dates of publication are still unknown. Todd over at A.S.S. did the nicely-colored version with a new caption below right, in which Nurse Smiley receives a "reflex test" - exactly the kind of gag DeCarlo preferred - on her bare bottom!

doctor spanks nurse smiley in dan decarlo cartoon doctor spanks nurse smiley in dan decarlo cartoon

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