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Chicago Spanking Review Special Series

The Humorama Spanking Cartoons!

#83 - Dan DeCarlo Nurse Spanked for Cold Hands

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Nurse spanking would seem a logical theme for humor, but we can think of only two from Humorama, both by Dan DeCarlo (see the first, which we called "Nurses Need Spankings" here). In this case, the ostensible reason for the spanking is the Nurse's cold hands. We're reminded of the aphorism "cold hands, warm heart" and are tempted to amend it to "cold hands, warm seat" for this occasion.

DeCarlo's consistent virtues are on display here: effective caricaturing, serviceable gag, and OTK positioning which is good in the sense of the spankee being well-bent at the waist, providing us with a nice view of her bottom, although she seems to be levitating over the spanker's lap rather than braced upon it.

humorama comedy march 1958 cover decarlo nurse spanked for cold hands

The cover of the March 1958 issue of Comedy, featuring this DeCarlo "spanker" followed by the cartoon itself as taken from an unknown digest, probably c.1965 by Mike. (Click to increase in size). Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/06/2012.

nurse spanked reversed image decarlo nurse spanked for cold hands from laugh digest

Above left is a photostatic copy of a reversed version, origin unknown. Above right is the version taken from our copy of the April 1970 Laugh Digest. Plainly, this is not where Mike found his copy, and as we believe he collected his copy after 1958, we tentatively conclude that the cartoon must have appeared at least three times: in 1958, around 1965, and then in 1970.

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