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Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/16/2011

As part of our "Swimsuit Spanking Issue" we dug this old cartoon out of our files. At least, it looks old, judging by the style of swimwear - and humor - on display. Giving a pretty girl a swat on her seat and then pretending you were trying to swat a fly is a pretty old gag (so old, even we never tried it in real life). In fact, Bill Ward did two cartoons on this theme that we'll see in the future as part of the Humorama Series.

This is one of the gags that depends on the secret enjoyment that some men (maybe a lot of men) get from spanking a woman. Dan DeCarlo's secretary spanking cartoons are another, better, example. They depend on the idea that spanking desires are, if not universal, at least fairly widespread. We maintain they exist even among many people who can't be considered true spankos, a point of some importance when we finally consider the genesis of the true spanko.

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