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Batgirl Spanks Catwoman #2

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batgirl spanks lois griffin altered by slipway

Art by Rafaele Marinetti as modified by Slipway. Characters are © DC Comics Inc.

Batgirl spanks Family Guy's Lois Griffin in a rather improbable cross-over of the type we see now and again. The person responsible for this is known only as Slipway, and we don't know if he has made any other forays into the world of spanking art. As a matter of fact, when we saw this, something looked familiar about it even before we noticed the words "Mod by" before "Slipway" and the signature of Rafaele Marinetti.

Marinetti should be somewhat familiar to CSR readers, having done a Batman Swats Batgirl commission for us back in 2009 and having appeared in these pages a number of times since. He enjoys a very great mastery of craft, being one of the most technically proficient of contemporary artists who have done BDSM work, and can utilize several different styles. We consider it a great pity that Marinetti apparently no longer does this type of work although he is still available for commissions. We believe that for a while he tried to hide his BDSM stuff behind an alias, but we'll say no more about that here.

batgirl spanks lois griffin altered by slipway

Art by Rafaele Marinetti. Characters are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/03/2016 (click to double-size).

The question immediately arose: where was the original Marinetti drawing on which Slipway had based his modification? We didn't have it in our files, but after some searching we located this Batgirl spanks Catwoman piece from what we would guess is several years ago that had somehow escaped our notice (we don't know where it was originally posted). Therefore Slipway has done us spankos a double-service, first by modifying this drawing and second by inspiring us to find and post the original! Good work as always by Marinetti.

This is only the second time we've seen Batgirl spanking Catwoman, although we'll be seeing it again shortly. We think this is because of Batgirl's obvious submissiveness: when she goes up against a super-villain, you have to expect that she's the one who's going to get it in the end.

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