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Batman Spanks Catwoman #2

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batman spanks catwoman

Art by Adam Hughes. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/15/2012.

Adam Hughes has had a successful career both in comics (principally at DC) and as an independent artist. In the latter capacity, he is known for his Good Girl Art, and when you combine the two it's only natural that he should have produced at least one superhero spanking work, and so he has.

"How many times must we do this?" an angry caped crusader asks Catwoman as he takes her over his knee, for what we may infer is not the first time. Considering that she's a career criminal, we'd say "A whole lot." Catwoman's expression of chagrin is probably the high point here; given the orientation of the figures, her face was bound to be the point of emphasis in this pen sketch. The OTK positioning is solid, too, and Hughes had no trouble rendering these characters, long familiar to him. This may have been a commission or something he did for a friend.

Wolfie138 brought this one to our attention when the original art was for sale on ebay for the exorbitant sum of $5500. It's a fine piece, but not Hughes at his best and simply not worth that much. (Whoever the seller was, he found no bidders at that price). You can see more of Hughes' work on Deviant Art and on his own website.

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