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Cheetah Spanks Wonder Woman #5

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Wonder Woman has been spanked by her old enemy the Cheetah four times before in this gallery, most recently with a flogger. Bare hand devotees will be somewhat disappointed that Cheetah is using a different implement here - the tail of her costume! - thus achieving tail-to-tail contact. Much as we prefer M/F scenes, we must admit that Cheetah is probably WW's most natural female spanker, and this drawing has some other distinctive features that make it well worth looking at.

Our notes have Bartel Foundon as the artist, but we can't confirm this as we found the drawing on somehow (exactly how we don't know since it isn't an easy site to search). The OTK postioning is good, with WW well-balanced over Cheetah's lap, and the drawing style is most unusual - we can't say what materials or techniques were used to get these effects. WW is drawn with her traditional costume, although her symbol looks more like the one on the back of Spider-Man's shirt than either her Eagle (which we prefer) or the later stylized "WW" that DC adopted for merchandising purposes. She's also trying to protect her bottom with her right hand, indicating she feels the sting, although her hand obscures our view somewhat. Another interesting feature is that neither character is based on any models we recognize - in fact, WW resembles Mary Tyler Moore a little if you look closely.

wonder woman spanks power girl by el manto negro

Art by Bartel Foundon. Characters are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/14/2015.

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