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It's probably been couple of years since we've posted one of Tim's spanking parodies. (Romance Comics Parody and others in this gallery, plus his Humorama Pastiches in the Humor Gallery). We love 'em, but with our penchant for grouping like things together, this fond look at Brenda Starr had to wait until we got around to another comic strip series, which we're in the middle of right now. Thanks as always to Michael for sending Tim's work to us.

And here's what Michael had to say to us about this one:

"Meawhile, Tim has come up with a Brenda Starr pastiche, based on the first six issues of the comic (which are available in book form). I've attached it, along with a Dixie Dugan pastiche. The man in the story is Brenda's admirer and work colleague Tom Taylor and the woman is her cousin Abretha, who was staying with her. The phrase "The prettiest girl in comics" was used in early advertisements for Brenda Starr."
"I recall readers voted her the character they'd most like to see spanked, which seems odd to me since she was indeed spanked in her own comic." [This refers to the CSR Readers Poll JimC. and I did back in 2010 - Web-Ed]

spanking parody of the brenda starr comic by tim

By Tim. Brenda Starr is © by Chicago Tribune Syndicate. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/15/2017 (click to double-size).

Very nice OTK positioning here as Brenda is restrained by a leglock and a hold on her right wrist. With her skirt up and panties down, there's nothing she can do to resist as her rear end is raised high to meet Tom's hairbrush! The abundant pain stars in the spanking panel and the one after it show that Brenda certainly felt it!

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