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Cheetah Spanks Wonder Woman #6

Comics Gallery 1

We have seen the art of Archangemon many times in this gallery - in fact, we've seen him draw Cheetah Spanking Wonder Woman before. This time we have a whole mini-comic showing the Cheetah sapping WW's will with some sort of hypnotic ray, then doing what no one can resist doing - giving Diana a good spanking!

Archangemon has done a lot of spankings, but probably more wedgies, the appeal of which we will never understand. You can see a hint of that here in the way The Cheetah pulls WW's star-spangled panties "down" at first. Fortunately, they do get taken down and The Cheetah proceeds to do what's necessary to ensure WW doesn't forget their encounter too soon! The OTK position is fair, with WW being bent reasonably far over - failing to get this part right is not a problem that Archangemon has. The perspective in the last panel is a little off, however, and WW looks just a bit chubby.

cheetah saps wonder woman's will and proceeds to spank her behind

A typical day in Wonder Woman's life. Art by Archangemon. Cheetah and Wonder Woman © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/23/2017.

Making the spankee say "Thank you" is of course a traditional method of enhancing her humiliation, especially when a large paddle is being used and fairly hard swats being administered, but it works here too and Diana certainly deserves it. Of course none of this is new to her and it's really just another day on the job.

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