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Duela Dent Spanks Carrie Kelly

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Weve seen female versions of Robin being spanked before. This is sort of the Carrie Kelly Robin, who dates back to Frank Miller's Dark Knight. However, some sort of alternate reality seems to be going on here (how we hate that stuff!), because her spanker is none other than Duela Dent, last seen here in this gallery getting paddled by the Teen Titans. As we explained there (sort of), we thought she had been killed off by one of the Monitors, but the post-Crisis DC Universe is so complicated even we're not sure. Duela is here in neither of her "familiar" guises, Harlequin and Joker's Daughter, but rather as the Joker himself (note the green hair and mostly-purple costume), or perhaps we should say "herself" as this particular alternate universe has all young female versions of the old Earth-1 characters. Wasn't Crisis supposed to simplify everything? Oh well...

duela dent spanks carrie kelly robin by el manto negro

Art by El Manto Negro. Characters are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/07/2015.

Now the positioning here will disappoint OTK fans, but we must admit that as a spanker the Joker always seemed to us more likely to use a paddle or a cane as all kinds of crazy gimmicks were his stock in trade, so bending over Robin for the cane makes sense, or at least as much sense as is possible given the crazy set-up here. The arm lock is certainly atypical of caning scenes but is believable, and the effective coloring and clean lines are typical of El Manto Negro, who did this one only a few months ago, in response to a suggestion by Jac of Dragons. (EMN does not accept commissions, but in celebration of his ten years drawing spanking cartoons he agreed to accept 12 suggestions for 2015). And by the way, our congratulations to EMN for 10 very successful years!

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