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falcon spanks nightshade

Art by Adam Walters. Note the "Marvelle Pop-Out Productions" (see text for explanation). Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/05/2015 (click to enlarge).

We certainly have nothing against black superheroes, and as far as we can tell, none of the independent artists who draw superhero spankings do either, which makes it rather surprising that as natural a pairing as this one had never been done before to the best of our knowledge. Why? Perhaps because the 1970's, when these characters were new, are starting to fade into the past, and today's younger spanking artists weren't even born then (sob!). So who are The Falcon and Nightshade? We're glad you asked! But before we write our encyclopedic answer, let's take a good look at the spanking.

The OTK positioning is pretty good, and good ol' Falc has taken Nightshade's panties down to give it to her on the bare - two pluses right there. Falcon looks pretty strict, which is appropriate since this should be a disciplinary spanking (we'll explain why shortly), but Nightshade is simply having too much fun! Sexy, but not disciplinary.

We found this on Lusciousnet (not a spanking site), and we better admit right now we have made one alteration, namely removing the caption. Why did we do that? Because it made some crazy reference to a transgendered Captain America, of all things! Why ruin a perfectly good M/F spanking scene with a bunch of transgendered nonsense? Somebody must have commissioned several of these things, for they remain the only known super-spanking works of Adam Walters we have not yet posted on CSR. This one was easy to fix, but the others are not and we probably won't be presenting them on CSR. We did not, of course, remove Walters' signature - someone else apparently did, for reasons unknown. We would guess this work dates from approximately 2002.

One last thing, the "Marvelle Pop-Out Productions" at the bottom: this is a play on "Marvel Pop-Art Productions," a logo that appeared for a brief time on the cover of Marvel comics in 1965 just as the pop-art phenomenon was close to its peak. Readers didn't like it much, so Stan Lee changed it back to "Marvel Comics Group".

cover of captain america #164

Cover of Captain America #164 (August 1973). Art by John Romita Sr.. From the collection of the Web-Ed (click to enlarge).

Now let's turn back the clock to August, 1973, and revisit Nightshade's first appearance. Here she is on the cover of Captain America #164, billed as "Queen of the Werewolves". This seems a little strange (Captain America had not been a horror title since the 1950's) until we remember that it had been less than two years since the Comics Code allowed vampires and werewolves back into comics. Writer Steve Englehart seemed to have a thing for bringing horror elements into superhero comics (he was not alone, as the Canadian hero Mr. Monster reminds us), so he and artist Alan Lee Weiss created Nightshade for this issue in which the Falcon has already been transformed (we forget how) into a werewolf.

The Falcon was not the first black superhero - we think Black Panther was, back in 1966 - but he was fairly prominent during the 70's. At that time, he was Captain America's partner, and as you can see the book's title was in fact Captain America and The Falcon. He's certainly a natural choice to spank Nightshade, not because he's black, but because he's CA's partner and he's certainly entitled to punish her for turning him into a werewolf.

We also learn in this issue (see below) that Nightshade is young (CA refers to her as "like a little girl") which we take to be 18-20. So we have an 18-year-old super-villainess acting like a child - could there be a better spankee? We almost wonder why CA didn't take her over his knee right there and then.

cover of captain america #164

Nightshade, from Captain America #164 (August 1973). Script by Steve Englehart; art by Alan Lee Weiss (click to enlarge).

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