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Mr. Weatherbee spanks Betty, OTK and bare-bottom! Is this according to the rules of the Riverdale High school board? Should Weatherbee have been using an official school paddle? Who cares! The fact is that everyone loves a good OTK spanking by hand, and this is one of them! Art by Bivouac. Characters are © AP. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/30/2015 (click to double-size).

Given the existence of school corporal punishment, it is in a way surprising that there haven't been more drawings of Riverdale High Principal Waldo Weatherbee paddling Betty or Veronica. We did have one of Mr. Weatherbee paddling both Betty and Veronica at the same time, but we later removed it at the artists's request. Perhaps Bivouac felt the same way we do and decided to fill the void with this piece which dates back to 2007.

It's pretty hard not to like this one, with its good OTK positioning, gleeful Weatherbee, distraught Betty, and nice pink bare bottom! Weatherbee makes a good spanker as he has an ample lap to turn a grown bad girl over and a big hand with which to teach her right from wrong. Bivouac will probably be best-remembered by CSR readers for his contributions in inspiring Dr. Cylon to use his coloring and animating skills, for example in Black Canary Spanked, and for the Kim Possible spankings we posted last year (Ann Possible Spanks Kim and James Possible Spanks Kim.)

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