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Mummy Spanks Lara Croft Tomb Raider

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mummy spanks lara croft tombraider archangemon

The Mummy spanks Lara Croft. Art by Archangemon. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/18/2014 (click to increase in size).

"Mummy spanks" - but not the way you might think reading those words! This scene is very similar to one we dreamed up ourselves a few years ago (and which we'll see next time, as a matter of fact). Lara Croft picks the wrong tomb to raid and gets spanked by an irate mummy! Our artist is Archangemon, whose work we saw recently here in this gallery with Hawkeye Spanks Mockingbird. The authentic Egyptian background is nice, but the best thing about this work is the excellent way that Lara is bending over and presenting her sumptuous bare behind even though the positioning over the mummy's knee would cause a woman with a less-enormous bosom to fall backwards off the lap. What a superb target!

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