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Rhino Spanks Spider-Woman

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rhino spanks spider-woman mario chavez

Rhino spanks Spider-Woman. Art by Mario Chavez. © Marvel Characters Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/04/2014 (click to increase in size).

The Rhino's usual method of attack is to lower his head and charge, horns forward. This time, he's leading with his left hand - spanking hand, that is, as he "battles" Spider-Woman. Apparently, she doesn't think this is in keeping with the rules of the Marquis of Queensbury, for she protests, "Hey! Hands off the hiney!"

Interesting drawing from Mario Chavez, whose heroines often have a slightly chunky build from the waste down. This is just fine for spanking purposes, but of Chavez's many super-heroine pieces this is the only spanking scene we know of. He does have a lot of poses where the heroine is bending over somewhat, so spanking works should come naturally to him.

Spider-Woman has appeared in this gallery before both giving and receiving, but this is the Rhino's debut. Let's briefly explain who these characters are:

spider-woman from 1979 cartoon

Spider-Woman taken from an unknown source that looks to us like the 1979 cartoon.

Spider-Woman was actually created because of a Marvel character called Wonder Man - DC, which held the copyright on Wonder Woman, sued Marvel, and Stan Lee (then the editor) agreed to put Wonder Man on the shelf - he was in a death-like coma for years (see various old issues of The Avengers, starting with #9 if memory serves). Years later when DC introduced Power Girl even though Marvel by then had two different characters(!) called Power Man, Lee (now Marvel's publisher) realized he had had a defensible case, for not only did Wonder Man suddenly wake up from his coma, Lee was now worried about DC or someone else getting a copyright on the name "Spider-Woman" even though Marvel of course held the copyright on Spider-Man. The solution? Whip up a Spider-Woman character in a hurry (see Marvel Spotlight #32, Feb. 1977).

Spider-Woman was genetically enhanced but less powerful than Spider-Man, and certainly overmatched against the Rhino, who often fought the Hulk. When not charging ol' greenskin, the Rhino was one of Spider-Man's villains from the Lee-Romita era (in fact he started out as such), so perhaps that's why he's trying to spank Spider-Woman here.

Below we see him charging and destroying a phone booth in his very first appearance. For any CSR readers too young to remember what a "phone booth" was, please don't tell us that you don't know - you'll only make us feel old. Note Spidey's remark about "dropping a dime in the slot" - the cost of making a phone call in those days!

rhino on the rampage from asm #41

The Rhino goes on a rampage in Amazing Spider-Man #41 (October 1966, Web-Ed's collection). Script by Stan Lee. Art by John Romita Sr. and Mike Esposito. © Marvel Characters Inc.

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