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Storm Spanks Mystique, by Congolike

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Ororo (Storm) is next in line to spank bad girl Mystique. Perhaps that lightning coruscating about her hand is making a hard spanking sting even more, for Mystique seems none too happy as her blue bottom turns steadily more pink. Congolike, whose work has graced these pages many times in the past, chose not to use the standard OTK position, trading utility for variety. Storm seems to have the situation under control, though. Congolike gives Mystique a full-sized bottom, which is how we've always pictured the character, and as usual employs some carefully-chosen analogous colors.

storm spanks mystique over the knee by congolike

Art by Congolike. Characters © Marvel Characters Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/14/2013.

We've been discussing the X-Men as they make their appearances in this series. Storm was one of the new X-Men along with Wolverine, whose story was briefly told last time. Storm always struck us as rather bossy, which is why she often gets assigned the spanker's role by spanking artists, but of course her bossiness just makes us want to see her on the receiving end even more. Some further commentary may be found with Jean Grey Spanks Phoenix, which we posted back in 2009.

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