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Superman Spanks Lois Lane #1

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We are very fortunate at CSR to have our own Resident Artists. Whatever problems we may have updating the main site, our RA's are always busy with contributions of their own on the Resident Artists Forum. We might get a Spanky Sal cartoon from Dan Rivera, an O.T. Katie adventure from Hugob00m, or a new feature from Phil Overbarrel.

Not long ago, we re-posted b00m's Clark Spanks Lois and then complained about the dearth of Superman/Lois Lane spankings out there. In response, Dan went back to the old drawing board - literally - and came up with this super scene in which Lois gets the bottom-warming she's needed since about forever! Superman is in uniform here rather than in his Clark Kent guise, although Lois calls him "Clark" anyway - perhaps this was after their marriage, which took place on Earth-2 if we remember correctly. Great OTK positioning as always from Dan enhances this super-spanking!

Thanks for filling the gap, Dan! big grin

superman spanks lois by dan rivera for csr

Superman gives Lois Lane a long-overdue spanking. Art by Dan Rivera. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/18/2017 (click to enlarge).

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