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Superman Spanks Supergirl, by Nik Zula

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superman spanks supergirl by nik zula

Superman and Supergirl © DC Comics Inc.

As those of you who have followed our Search For The Holy Grail know, we would dearly love to be able to bring you a Superman/Supergirl spanking from the actual comics, but as none exists, we've opted for another series of Supergirl spankings by various artists. First up is this piece by Nik Zula, whose non-superhero work has been featured in the Humor Gallery here, here, and here.

Striking the right balance between humor and sexiness is the central problem with humorous spanking cartoons, and Zula handles it well. His humor is mainly situational, but he reinforces this with caricatures which do not, however, deviate so far from normal human proportions that the figures have no erotic potential. Unusual for him is the spankee struggling to avoid her fate as Supergirl does here, but Superman is up to the job, restraining her in the OTK position with an impressive display of strength from his mighty right arm while his left hand reddens her bottom.

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