Chicago Spanking Review

Superman Spanks Supergirl #8

Comics Gallery 1

superman spanks supergirl by vulcanspock

Superman gives his cousin Supergirl another much-needed spanking. Art by Vulcanspock. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/01/2017.

As we have previously observed, the most logical superhero/superheroine spanking pairing is Superman/Supergirl, seen here for the eighth time in this gallery. Superman looks serious enough, but the OTK position is awkward - she's too far back - and the red color has been applied to her hips and thighs as well as her bare buttocks, and we would hope Supes isn't that far off-target! Superman's lower legs look odd, too, and we don't know why Supergirl would have one eye closed. But she does have a nice round bottom and seems to be learning her lesson, at least for now, and in a sea of pornography this piece is in welcome good taste.

The artist is Vulcanspock, who was most recently seen with Aquaman Spanks Namorita. As a matter of fact, we thought she had given up on art, but she resurfaced not long ago and we hope we'll see more of her spanking drawings in the future. smiley face

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