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Terra Spanks Power Girl

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stargirl lowers her shorts

Power Girl bends over, providing Terra with a perfect target! Art by LL. Terra and Power Girl are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/28/2013 (click to increase in size).

We began this little Power Girl mini-series with Power Girl Spanking Terra, so it's only fair that Terra should get a chance to turn the tables on PG, which she does by using her terra-forming power to make a giant rock-hand. When PG bends over to look at a flower, Terra seizes the opportunity to swat her proffered rear end. This is superficially like the classic "bend over, get a swat" gag that goes back to Burlesque, but the cute expressions, especially the blushing cheeks that indicate Terra's rather innocent desire, put this drawing into a completely different category.

Speaking of blushing cheeks, if you look closely Terra seems to have a second pair - perhaps Power Girl had been spanking her earlier. No OTK positioning, but the bending-over position is done very well, with PG's head up to stick her bottom out further. The artist chose to sign his work "LL," initials that have a special significance within the Superman Family of characters (see Superman robot spanks Lois Lane for an explanation of what it is), and we have no idea who he is. We found this on Comic Images with no further information available.

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