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Vampirella Spanks Lady Death

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Our spanker and spankee should be at least moderately familiar to CSR readers - we discussed Vampirella in one of her many appearances here (Vampi Breaks the Rules) and Lady Death in her sole appearance so far, Lady Death Spanks Pariah, and on the Forum. We think we prefer the earlier version (left) of this sketch by Gerben Van Heeten, an artist with whom we're not familiar - Vampi looks kind of beat-up in the later version, and we're not into catfighting, although F/F spanking is always o.k. with us.

vampirella spanks lady death vampirella spanks lady death

Vampirella shows Lady Death just who is Queen of the Graveyard (click to increase in size). Art by Gerben Van Heeten. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/01/2013.

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