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Wonder Woman Spanks Raven

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wonder woman spanks raven by archangemon

Art by Archangemon. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/19/2015 (click to enlarge).

Do we call this a Wonder Woman spanking or a Teen Titans spanking? Since WW has seniority we'll give it to her. In a way, it's natural for a member of the Titans to be spanked by a member of the more senior team, the Justice League, although some would prefer to see a male Leaguer spank a female Titan. Wonder Woman is an old hand and seems to be laying it on with gusto, but the variant OTK positioning is strange indeed with a one-leg leglock (Raven's right thigh should be pinned also) and it isn't at all clear what she's sitting on. We can only think that having done so much spanking art with so many positions, Archangemon decided to experiment a little here.

Archangemon has appeared many times in CSR, most recently in last year's Mummy Spanks Lara Croft. His coloring is always worth looking at closely, and Raven's cape here is exceptionally vivid.

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