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zatanna spanks raven

Art found on Lusciousnet but was probably on Palcomix originally. Characters are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/27/2016 (click to double-size).

We've remarked previously that of the female New Teen Titans, Raven is the one most artists seem to see in the role of receiving a spanking. We've also mentioned that it's only natural for the older members of the Justice League to spank the younger members of the Teen Titans, and we've see this before in Wonder Woman Spanks Raven. This time it's a less well-known leaguer, Zatanna, who takes the hairbrush to Raven, and she does it, as she performs all her magic, by speaking her commands backwards: DNIHEB S'NEVAR KNAPS! which translates as "Spank Raven's Behind!"

We never thought of Zatanna as a natural fit for the Justice League, which when you think about it was originally made up mostly of oddballs (Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Hawkman were all aliens from from outer space, Batman was an obsessive, Green Arrow a Batman-imitator who started out as a Robin Hood-imitator, Wonder Woman an Amazon princess into bondage and spanking, and Red Tornado an android). Flash was probably the most normal guy in it until DC tried to "Marvelize" him back in the late 70's. We don't think she's a natural in the spanking role, either, being far more suited to being on the receiving end of things, especially in her original costume. We suppose the idea here is that both Raven and Zatanna are magical-type characters (our least favorite, although Zatanna makes up for it by sheer spankability), and as a matter of fact, we'll see their roles reversed next time.

Although we found this one on Lusciousnet, from its style it certainly came originally from Palcomix as a commission. We have no idea who commissioned it as Palcomix is too difficult to search these days. It's a nicely-rendered piece, as was generally the case with the Palcomix artists, that was entitled "JLU Initiation Day #2" which makes us wonder if a whole such series of spanking drawings had been commissioned. (JLU = "Justice League Unlimited" by the way, referring to the animated part of the DC Universe).

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