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Beezy Spanks Betty

This is another original discovery of ours (as far as we know - it's always possible the good folks at were already aware of it), and it's a most remarkable example in two different ways. There are two separate spankings within the same seven-page story, one F/M and the other M/F, with the M/F being brother/sister as well. They occur in the humor strip Beezy, which we found in Crack Comics #38 (Summer 1945). Let's take a look at the spankings first, and then see how they came about.

beezy lady spanks judge

© Quality Publications. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/30/2010.

beezy spanks his sister betty

Beezy Bumble spanks his sister Betty. Quality Publications.

beezy splash panel

The splash page. Quality Publications.

The exposition tells us that Betty's romance with her boyfriend Norman faces an obstacle in the mutual dislike of their two fathers. Good brother that he is, Beezy tries to help his sister by getting the two Dads together in the hope they'll find some common ground. Unfortunately, he relies on an older man who advises him to get the Dads to "fight it out" on the theory that this will make them fast friends once the fight is over.

With two choice phone calls, Beezy succeeds in getting the Dads to fight each other, but things quickly get out of hand resulting in a general melee (below) during which the Judge (one of the Dads) gets whacked with a lady's umbrella (above left).

beezy big fight

The melee. Quality Publications.

beezy complete spanking page

The complete last page (art by Bernard Dibble). © Quality Publications.

As he contemplates the scene of destruction he has unwittingly caused ("Oh, what a mess! But at least I meant well"), Beezy consoles himself with the knowledge that he did it for his sister's sake. Then he finds out that his sister has a new love! We can hardly blame him for what he does next.

"Beezy - don't look at me like that!" pleads Betty in the penultimate panel as he advances upon her. But Beezy is determined to mete out justice, which he does in the ultimate panel. Offhand, we can't think of another brother/sister spanking in a comic book, although another episode of Beezy in a different issue of Crack Comics did feature a Big Sis/Little Sis spanking.

The last three panels work together to make this a fine scene: a nice build-up as Betty realizes she's in trouble, with the spanking concluding the story - and of course, a M/F spanking is the best possible element in any comics scene!

Quality was a good line that generally lived up to its name. What's interesting is how many spankings we've found from their line in titles like Crack, Hit, Smash, and Hickory! Apparently, these strangely appropriate names were coincidental, but this coincidence is certainly an interesting one.

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