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Hedy Wolfe Spanked Again!

Let's begin a new series of spankings from Humor and Romance comics, starting with this example from Teen Comics #25 (c. 1948; no indicia available) which we first saw on Richard Windsor.

teen comics #25 cover and spanking

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Patsy Walker's friend Hedy Wolfe gets in trouble with her father, who once again spanks her with a slipper. This had also happened a year or so earlier in Patsy Walker #5. Whatever Hedy did, it seems to have forced her father to concede an election to Patsy's dad - certainly a spankable offense in our book.

These are the only two Mr. Wolfe/Hedy spankings we know of, but there may have been more and we're certainly going to locate them if we can. These comics are quite hard to find - as a matter of fact, this particular scan appears to be of a Canadian edition, which is actually rather appropriate given the snow and ice gag on the cover.

us cover of teen comics #25

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teen comics #25 spanking panel

The artist is unknown, but could be Mike Sekowsky.

Here's the cover of a U.S. edition, which is very similar. We don't have another copy of the spanking panel, so here's an enlarged version of the one above. This is a pretty good spanking, we think better than the one from Patsy Walker #5, because there's a little more build-up ("Father, you don't look pleased!") and we can see Hedy's face as she gets the slipper. We always like to see the "uh-oh" moment in which a young lady first realizes she cannot escape her punishment, as well as her expression once the spanks begin to fall.

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