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Katy Keene Spanks Gloria

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Robin located this one in Laugh Comics Digest #37 (November 1981). Katy Keene started as a backup feature but eventually was given her own title. Although published by MLJ (Archie), Katy was not a part of Archie's Riverdale High gang but was rather (like Suzie) a couple of years older. Perhaps her principal claim to fame was that readers (mostly female) were encouraged to design outfits for Katy to wear. These were sent in to the editor who would give them to the artists who in turn would dutifully draw them on Katy, with a footnoted credit to the reader who had sent them in. Strange as this may sound to middle-aged males such as ourselves, it seems to have been a popular idea that was copied by others, and as late as the Bronze Age of comics we can think of at least three superheroines who had their costumes redesigned by readers!

There are several known examples of Katy spanking her little sister (see The Comics Spanking Data Base for details), but as "Sis" was plainly a juvenile we have never posted any of those scenes. This time, though, Katy is spanking someone her own age, a girl named Gloria Grandbilt (a play on Gloria Vanderbilt, who is still alive as of this writing in October 2015) who was some kind of rival to Katy. It looks like the girls have been hired as actresses and that Gloria is taking her part a little too seriously, for while fencing she comes close to stabbing Katy, instead piercing a heavy bag (as in boxing) that is strangely present on the set. This is not very believable, as good prop men do not allow weapons to be functional to the point of lethality - every epeé would have a tip for safety. We are given to understand that Gloria was only trying to make Katy look silly.

Anyway, Katy gives Gloria a whack across the seat with her own epeé, or at least that's what the script must have called for, but the artist rendered the stroke across her hip instead of her fanny!

katy keene spanks gloria whacking her butt with a fencing foil

From Laugh Comics Digest #37 (November 1981). © AP

It was a very strange mistake for the artist to make as he did have the sense to draw Gloria bending over, making it obvious what the correct target area was.

Let's take a closer look at just the spanking panel.

spanking panel from laugh comics digest #37

Katy Keene gives Gloria Grandbilt a well-deserved whack on the "rear," oddly rendered by the artist. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/30/2015.

As most or all of the rest of this issue was reprinted, we are nearly certain that this Katy Keene story was reprinted as well. But Katy appeared in several titles over a number of years, and we have been unable to prove that this story is in fact a reprint. We'll keep our eyes open as it is to be hoped that more of the MLJ/Archie line from the Golden Age become available for research.

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